Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nevermore Horror Festival This Weekend

Meet the authors at the Nevermore Film Festival!

Saturday - 2-3PM  Jay Requard, Author of "The Night"
Sunday - 12-2PM  Tamara Ward, Author of "Storm Surge""
Sunday -  2-3PM  Bob Crowley, Author of "The Wanderer of New Hope"

We will also be racking and stacking our Horror novels and movies from All Booked Up!  Don't miss this chance to get that "best book ever" at a special price!

Also meet the following Directors who will be attending the showing of their films:

Karni Baghdikian,  Director,  Written By
Stephanie Bell,  Producer,  Written By
Leah Chittom,  Production Assistant,  Murderabilia
Cynthia Dane,  Actress,  Last Seen on Dolores Street
Aaron Doolittle,  Director/Writer,  Davis
Robert W. Fillion,  Director/Producer,  See The Dead
Marlee Francis,  Actress,  Davis
Alex Horwitz,  Director,  Alice Jacobs is Dead
Alena Koch,  Actress,  Bursters
Jamie McRoberts,  Director,  Scarecrow at Midnight
Neil Meschino,  Director,  Mold!
Christopher Moore,  Director,  Bursters
Kevin Smith,  Composer/Co-Creator,  Cornerboys
Devi Snively,  Directrix,  Last Seen on Dolores Street
Todd Tinkham,  Director of Photography,  Bursters
Sean Bardin,  Producer,  Unaware
Michael Usry,  Producer,  Murderabilia