Monday, August 1, 2011

The Rusty Bucket Kids - At the Halle Cultural Arts Center

Television Show encore presentationth Anniversary ofThe Rusty Bucket Kids (TRBK) television show,Our State magazine around, with theThe Rusty Bucket Kids TV show and sponsors Dr.

Contact: John Demers, 919-291-7225,

The Rusty Bucket Kids
The Rusty Bucket Kids
educational content with family entertainment – edutainment. A brother and sister learn
they can travel back through time to meet teenagers who will go on to become some of
America’s greatest historical heroes. The show also represents a new method for
providing local content to broadcast television stations and the Internet, and working with
local sponsors.
is a new, family-friendly, web-based television show,
YouTube: John Demers, 919-291-7225,
**Press Release Provided by John Demers

The Rusty Bucket Kids
at The Halle Cultural Art Center on August 16, as part of 7
The Rusty Bucket Store in Historic Downtown Apex.

APEX, N.C. (August 1, 2011) –
recipient of three regional Emmy® nominations for Set Design, Music and Writing,
winner of a Silver Telly Award and a Bronze People’s Choice Telly Award for
Children’s programming, along with The Halle Cultural Arts Center and The Rusty
Bucket store, all located in historic downtown Apex, proudly present an encore
presentation of the pilot episode, “Lincoln, Journey to 16,” on Tuesday, August 16, at
7:00 PM. The Dove Foundation has given the pilot episode its highest approval for allage
family viewing.

Come join cast and crew members, show producers and the owners of The Rusty Bucket
store, Pam and Mack Thorpe, and hear the latest news about the production. There might
even be a few copies of the August 2011 edition of
article about The Rusty Bucket store and the show’s creator John Demers. There will be
door prizes and giveaways, courtesy of
Michael Holesh Family Dentistry, Golden Corral, Triangle Tracks and The Rusty Bucket
store. Bring your camera and plan for a good time!

TRBK TV show is produced in Apex, New Hill and at the New Hope Valley Railway in
Bonsal. The show also travels to locations where some of its historical characters
actually lived. TRBK satisfies a growing need for quality, family-friendly programming.
In spring of 2009, the Association of National Advertisers’ Alliance conducted a critical
research effort, which supports this push for family entertainment. The research was
designed to better understand what consumers are seeking in family-friendly TV, as well
as the impact of programming on the efficacy of advertising. The most important finding
was the clear desire for more options when it comes to quality entertainment for the
family. In fact, only 23% of respondents reported being satisfied with the amount of
family-oriented programming currently available. In addition, in another study conducted
jointly between Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble (P&G), 85% of respondents said they
would go out of their way to “find and watch quality, family-friendly programming.”

The Rusty Bucket Kids live in the small, southern town of Peak City, played by the Town
of Apex. Roxanna Demers, age 13, who is home-schooled, portrays Roxanna Peakssen,
and JohnColeman Demers, age 10, plays JohnColeman Peakssen. The siblings travel
back in time on Steamy, played by The New Hope Valley Railway Steam Locomotive
No. 17 and Caboose No. 308. Roxanna and JohnColeman visit famous people of
American history, who are still in their teenage years.