Tuesday, October 18, 2011

7 Tips To Sell More Books

7 Tips to Sell More Books

I have been rummaging around the web in my spare time (ha!)…and have a few tips you may want to explore:

1.  Give speeches!  
  • Trawl the web, Meet Up groups, Local Organizations and offer to speak at their next event.  Promote your book as a side-item by giving away business cards with your web address, email and contact information.
2. Give Books Away!
  • Offer a free book on your Facebook, Twitter or Blog for sharing, writing a review or sending new “friends” your way.
3. Raise Funds!
  • Are you part of an organization that will use your book as a fund-raiser?  Offer up to 30% of the proceeds to the organization for sales directly attributed to the group.  (I will work with all of you and be happy to support an organization of your choice with the proceeds of the sales.
4. Target Book Clubs!
  • Reach out to Book Clubs in your area – we can offer a discount to those purchasing directly through  Peak City Publishing (5 for$ 45)
5. Think Boutique!
  • Think of places to do an event where one would not normally do an event.  We can work together to come up with consignment terms
6. Extra Money
  • If you can find the venue and plan an event – Peak will front the books and split the proceeds 60/40…60 Peak/ 40 Author
7. Cross Promote
  • Do you know someone who has also written a book?  Offer to promote his or hers in exchange for yours.