Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Amazon Optimization

sell more books, tips for amazon book sellers from Peak City Publishing
There are some things I can do for you, some things you need to do for your self, and some things you need to do for others.  When we all work together to promote and optimize each others books, we also create the opportunity for all of our books to gain maximum exposure. 

Benefits include:

  • More visibility in shopper's browsers
  • Cross Marketing Support between Authors
  • More Top of Page exposure
  • Satisfaction in knowing you and your peers are helping each other succeed!

Lets start with the Amazon Optimization

1. - Set up your author profile and send me the link. 

2.  Tag your book, ask your friends on your social networks to tag your book and then go out and tag your fellow author's books.  Watch this video:

3. Get reviews!  Follow and contact blogs, authors, friends and family to read your book and get reviews.  Get involved with BLOGS, Facebook groups and networking groups that support your genre, your lifestyle, etc.  Ask them to review your book.

 If you get a bad review, consider it - does something need to be changed?  If not, forget about it.  Sometimes a change may be needed that we can influence and do something about.  Othertimes, the reviewer needs the change and you can't do anything about that!
  • Search for Top Reviewers in Amazon.  Find several for your genre and ask them to review your book!  All they can do is say no.
4.  Create a List Mania list.  I have our Kindle Books listed on a ListMania list:
and have a link on our web-site and the signature of my email.