Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Love To Write Day

November 15, 2012 is the official “I Love to Write Day” to celebrate and encourage writing in all forms, by people of all ages.  Over 11,000 libraries and institutions are involved in I Love to Write Day all over the country.  Nine Governors have even proclaimed it to be an “official day”.  The founder, John Riddle, has opened the doors for many writers to get their works into libraries and schools all over the world. 
There are two options: 
·         List your book for free
·         List your book with cover and 5 lines of text
This year, Peak City Publishing will be participating in “I Love to Write Day”.  I have reserved space for each book cover and am allowed 5 lines to promote.  This is where you come in and the challenge:
·        Provide 5 NEW lines of text to promote your book to librarians, schools and other institutions.  Easy enough, right?   Your cover and new text will be sent to over 11,000 librarians.
·         Second challenge – Help me promote “I Love to Write Day” by providing writing activities to post on our website.  Here are some examples  to encourage writing for the “World’s Biggest Party for Writers”.   I will then promote these ideas at the Savannah Children’s Book Festival on November 15th.

Looking forward to hearing from you, very soon!