Monday, April 15, 2013

Free Printable for teaching: 10 Tips to Keep Safe!

Free teaching printable: 10 Tips to Staying Safe, a lesson for children and adults

It's a scary world that we live in. Things happen fast and furiously. As parents and teachers, we should be taking precautions to enrich our children with good habits and the knowledge of how to be thoughtfully safe. If we give them the tools to succeed and protect themselves, they will be much more prepared and better off in an emergency situation.

In correlation with her book, Hiding Carly, author Ann Eisenstein, has created a checklist of 10 Tips to Keeping Safe. Eisenstein not only an author, she is also a psychologist, and is a member of the FBI InfraGard which brings together representatives from the private and public sectors to help protect our nation’s critical infrastructure—both virtual and physical—from attacks by terrorists and criminals. She is a soon-to-be graduate of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department Citizen’s Police Academy in South Carolina. Upon graduation, she plans to use the knowledge and experience to continue work on missing children initiatives as well as computer crimes prevention.

You can click here to download the checklist for FREE.  If you use it in your classroom or at home with your children, we'd love to hear about it, so be sure to email us!

Three quick ideas on how to incorporate these tips into your classroom and home:

 1. In an English class, hand out the list to your class and break them into 10 pairs or small groups. Have each group create and act out a scenario in which their assigned tip would have been useful. Then discuss how it might have went, both positives and negatives.  Ask your students if they've ever been in a similar situation.

2.  At home, create your special code word, and discuss expectations about locking doors, what to do in an emergency, who to find if they need help, etc. Being prepared when in the face of danger is the best way to ensure your children will be safe. Don't let them be shocked and caught off guard.

3. In a Health class, find newspaper articles about local incidences where kids were put in jeopardy.  In groups, have your students read the articles, and discuss ways that they might have stayed safe in the various situations. Reading about their peers brings this lesson close to their hearts and will have a deeper impact on them, hopefully encouraging the tips to be taken to heart, and used!

More about Hiding Carly:
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