Monday, May 20, 2013

Father's Day Fun!

Father's Day 2013 is Sunday, June 16!

Are you at a loss for something your kids can do for their Dad? Why not skip the tie this year and opt for a paperback copy of Peanut Butter Toast by Allie Miszewski. Written by a young adult author, inspired by her special tradition with her own father, Peanut Butter Toast, is a story that both Dad and children will love.

Share this fantastic book with your kids, and have them sit down with their Dad to create a fun craft that will serve as a special bonding time for Father's Day (or any day works great too!)!

Loaf of Love by Allie Miszewski
Fun father's day activity and book, Peanut Butter Toast, Craft for kids

What you'll need:
Dark Brown and Light Brown Construction Paper
Glue or Glue Stick
Markers or Crayons
a copy of Peanut Butter Toast
Paper plates (optional)

After reading Peanut Butter Toast to your child, or better yet, read by your child; you can create your own loaves of love!

1. Cut out large bread slice shapes in dark brown paper.
2. Cut out slightly smaller bread slice shaped in light brown paper.
3. Glue the light brown inside the dark, creating a piece of peanut butter toast, with a dark brown crust.
4. Use markers or crayons to draw special occasions or activities that you like to do with your child. Create several pieces of "toast" each, and then share them with each other. Did you come up with the same activities? Have your child pick out their favorite, and then go do it again!

(Can't do this activity with Dad? Have your child create their own pieces of toast, and glue it to paper plates to give to Dad as a father's day gift.)

We'd love to see your Loaf of Love! Email pictures to us or post them on our facebook page!
Purchase your copy of Peanut Butter Toast here.