Monday, June 17, 2013

Star of the Week

We're thrilled to add Star of the Week by Monica Wyrick to our Peak City Publishing book collection! This charming children's picture book features a cute little mouse named, Hildie. Hildie is over the moon excited to be featured as her class' "Star of the Week." She's asked by her teacher to bring in a list of words that describe her. This task proves to be difficult for her to complete, launching her on a journey of self discovery. This touching and engaging book would be a great teaching tool in the classroom from a Pre-K to 2nd Grade level.

Here's an activity that one of our mom's sent to us:

"Hi Monica Wyrick and Peak City Publishing!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much my daughters, age 2 and 4 love your book, Star of the Week! Hildie is totally cute, and reminds me so much of my oldest daughter with her humor and determined originality. My oldest, Caleigh cracks up at the different color socks that would blend to make orange! She's been mixing her socks to blend colors now too!
Your book was so touching, and I enjoyed seeing how Hildie built her self esteem by reflecting on her characteristics, despite them being different than everyone else. After reading Star of the Week to my girls, I asked them if they could come up with a few words that described themselves. While my youngest, who is two missed the point... Caleigh did not! She first listed the same qualities that Hildie does in the book, (which they do indeed share...) then she dove deeper and got more creative. Your book provided a great springboard to discussion with her about how important it is to be herself, and that all her talents and characteristics are what make her special and unique. 
The next day we were still talking about "All about Me" Words to describe herself, her sister and even Momma. We're working on handwriting right now, and was inspired to work with Caleigh on an Acrostic Name Poem. I wanted to share with you what she came up with....

I-I love horses

I was so excited that she was able to understand how to reflect on herself and her personality. She's inspired, and already asking me if they'll be doing a 'Star of the Week' program at her preschool this fall!  Thank you for the fun!

Mom in New York"

Thank you for sharing, Mom! We love to hear from our readers, and more than that, we LOVE to see children engaging, learning and loving to read! 

You can buy Star of the Week by Monica Wyrick and all of our great children's books on our website, Peak City Publishing.

We'd love to hear what great activities you come up with, please be sure to share them with us! :)