Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meet Holly Springs, NC Author, Hugh Willard

The creator of The Goodwill Vultures Club, the 3rd to 6th Grade chapter book which focuses on the therapeutic value of our pets.  

At the event, Hugh will sign copies of both books and speak on the relevance and value of pet therapy and service animals.

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An exponentially growing body of literature and research supports the therapeutic value of our pets. Specially trained animals, ranging from dogs and cats, to llamas and miniature horses are being used to support and improve the lives of special needs children, the elderly, and persons living with various debilitating medical conditions, such as diabetes and epilepsy.  The list of conditions for which our animal friends are helpful is quite extensive.

In Hugh’s books, he highlights these important relationships.  Specifically, in A Day of Heroes, Rob, the turkey vulture, serves a pivotal role in helping her human, Buzz, adjust to his parents’ divorce.  She also is a catalyst for Chrissy, a young non-verbal girl with autism, to grow and blossom. 

In No Time For Play, we are introduced to Sergeant Geoff Murphy, a US Army vet having returned from Afghanistan with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Rob remains a key player with both Sergeant Murphy and Chrissy.  Readers are also given a closer look at the direct impact of dogs who are trained for either pet therapy or to be service animals.
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Come join us and hear more about Hugh’s passion for all animals and his message on their impact in our lives.  He will read excerpts from No Time For Play and will answer questions on the writing of The Goodwill Vulture Series.