Thursday, August 1, 2013

Peak City Publishing's New Home - Profile for All Booked Up

A Unique Book Boutique
Owner:  Janice Monaco

All Booked Up, owned by Janice Monaco of Apex, NC, is considered a staple in the historic downtown shopping area. Reminiscent of old Mayberry in the Andy Griffith Show, Apex is considered a bustling destination spot for Raleigh/Durham residents.

All Booked Up | Janice Monaco | Apex
The store front, originating around 1863, was once home to Popes Five and Dime, a town mainstay. Today, All Booked Up is not only the last independent book store in and around Apex, it is THE place to find books by local authors and illustrators. In June, the local publishing company, Peak City Publishing, moved in to the space to provide a place for writers and artists to share their stories, take classes and promote books. Ms. Monaco said, "We are strong supporters of our local community and anything we can do to help authors get their books visibility is a priority for us."

The book store, dubbed A Unique Book Boutique is certainly that! Taking a tour of the 1800 SQ FT store,
Foyer | All Booked Up  | Janice Monaco | Apex 
it is clear that the customer's comfort, the quality of books and the overall experience is the owner's priority. Upon entering, customer's are welcomed into a large front room with book shelves and displays placed along the walls. Similar to walking into an old home, the space is tastefully decorated with art, furniture and, of course, books.

Kids Corner | All Booked Up | Janice Monaco | Apex

Young Adults | All Booked Up | Janice Monaco | Apex
The Kids Corner is beautifully set in a separate room with shelves, wall pockets and books for readers of all ages. Every Wednesday, children attend a Story Time event, complete with reading and activities. 

And, the young adult section which stretches along the walls just outside of the children's room is one of the most visited and popular places to browse, read and buy the latest books. The young adults of Apex run to All Booked Up for all of their classics and required reading.

The book selection, from Mystery to Romance and the genre's in between, is of the highest quality for used books. Ms. Monaco has put strict, quality standards on all books brought into the store. A customer will never find a ripped cover, stained page or poorly handled book for sale in this store.

All Booked Up is certainly unique and stands out as a jewel in the community. Their hours and policies for buying used books are posted on their website at:

Janice Monaco | All Booked Up | Apex

Janice Monaco is an Apex resident and owner of All Booked Up in Apex, NC. A natural born entrepreneur, she has owned, managed and directed her family's businesses from Florida to North Carolina. In 2010, Janice opened All Booked Up and has been pivotal in growing and strengthening the downtown community of businesses. She is also well known for her advocacy for children and animal protection.