Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Peak City Book Festival Spotlight: Life Protection Skills

Life Protection Skills
  • 2172 North Salem Street
  • Apex, North Carolina 27523
The Peak City Book Festival is fully funded by authors, businesses and organizations.  And, every week brings new sponsors which are posted to FacebookPinterest and the web-site.  

Today, we are spotlighting Life Protection Skills of Apex for their generous sponsorship and program: Life Saving Skills for the young and old.

The Apex Ki Do Kwan is a family owned and operated modern self-protection school that instructs individuals of all ages and abilities in skills to help keep safer and stronger. Their staff combines over 50 years of martial arts experience with practical experience in law enforcement and weapons training to provide the best possible curriculum. The Ki Do Kwan is unique in so many ways. There are no contracts, enrollment fees or testing fees. Belt ranks are earned through dedication and training and outreach extends to all persons interested in self-protection skills, regardless of their interest in long-term training.

Program for the Peak City Book Festival

Imagine the following:  You come into your classroom at school and your teacher has fallen and has been injured. She cannot communicate with you. What do you do?  The Life Protection Skills Demonstration Team will present a scenario-based 'story' teaching you what to do in such an emergency.  You will learn how the 911 system works, how to get others to assist you, how police and EMS respond and how to make a bad situation better for every one. This is important for your Life Protection Skills!  You will also see some cool martial arts thrown in at the end to highlight what else we do at the Life Protection Skills Training Center.

Join us for a presentation by the Apex, NC based Martial Arts Training Center at the #PeakCityBookFestival for Life Protection Skills Workshop.  Get hands-on experience and build your knowledge to write in life-saving scenes from an expert.