Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tips on How to Use QR Codes to Market and Sell Your Book

A QR Code (abbreviated for Quick Response Code) is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares (color generators are available), which is typically used for storing URLs or other information. A bar code scanner app reads the code and directs the user to the site.

The QR code is handy tool to market and sell your book:

How to Use QR Codes:   

Define the objective of the material you are printing

○ Running a free giveaway or time bound promotion?  
§ Generate a QR code to the link to "make the sale"
○ Drive traffic to your website or blog?  
§ Generate a QR code to open your web page
○ Increase subscribers to your mailing list?  
§ Generate a QR code to sign up for the list
○ Increase your FACEBOOK likes?  
§ Generate to your FACEBOOK page

Create the marketing material with your custom QR Code. Common places to print your QR Code

○ Flyers and/or posters
○ Business Cards
○ Banners
○ Back Cover of your book

You can find free QR Code generators by searching Google or other search engines.  I use:  QR Stuff . com  With a subscription, you can also take advantage of analytics.  

I just found:  - which looks like another great tool - it allows you to use custom photos in your URL.

Be sure to download a Bar Scanning App on your smart phone or table to test your QR codes.