Friday, September 6, 2013

We're Going ALL IN! Links to Free Children's Books from Peak City Publishing

So, the kids are back in school, or watching the siblings go back to school?  We know what that means...READING LOGS!  Help them break up the nightly reading by mixing in some e-books.  Here are a few to download for free!

Available for a limited time only.

Read Aloud and Learn to Read

Link & Description
Welcome Back Sun

Welcome Back Sun is a preschool bedtime story for children who wonder... Where does the sun go when the moon comes out? Do the animals roam and wander about? How many stars light up the night's sky? Will the moon come back if I tell it goodbye? 

This book provides teachers and parents guidance on how to use the book to encourage learning and language development for preschool age children, including: Recall, Color Recognition, Animals and Animal Sounds, Vocabulary Development, Rhyming Pairs and Counting.

Peanut Butter Toast

Allie Miszewski, now a young adult, wrote this book to share her tradition of sharing Peanut Butter Toast with her Dad over the years. 

Children's Book Author, Carol Crane, praised the book by saying, "This story with its message is timeless. Beautifully written, the story offers a believable picture of love between a father and daughter. The short, graceful repetitive text offers an introduction to a period we all wish for in our lives.” Carol Crane, author of fourteen children’s books, including "T is for Tarheel, A North Carolina Alphabet Book", "Wright Numbers, A North Carolina Numbers Book" and "P is for Palmetto, A South Carolina Alphabet Book".

Follow The Bouncing Ball

Kicker, the bouncing ball, takes the reader on a counting adventure - in English and Spanish.

**New and revised version includes information for parents and teachers to help children recognize Sight Words and Rhyming Pairs.**


How To Milk a Dinocow

If a freak milk accident that sparks life to a half cow, half stegosaurus isn’t weird enough, imagine how strange it’s going to get when Trip Stanley’s class starts drinking the milk! Trip Stanley’s best friend Jules spills a glass of creamery milk onto his uncle’s dinosaur machine and activates the contraption. A creature hatches and grows rapidly into a black and white spotted stegosaurus with and an udder. A stegcowsaurus. When the last bottle of creamery milk that Jules had planned to bring to school for show and tell is knocked over, Trip decides to milk the stegcowsaurus. Everyone in class is given a taste and the reaction causes spots and horns. One classmate even grows a tail. 

It’s up to Trip to figure out how to de-dinosaur his classmates and keep from getting kicked out of school, all while preventing his mom from discovering the stegcowsaurus in his bedroom. With angry classmates and an upset teacher in his living room, Trip finds a solution in his own advice, when life give you lemons you make lemonade. Realizing the correlation between milk and lemons, Trip reverses the beverages and changes his classmates back into classmates and his dinocow into a cow.

When Farts Had Colors 

Don't let the title throw you off - this is a hilarious book with an anti-bully theme. 

When Farts Had Colors is the story of 4th grader Lance Chance who hates Mondays. This particular Monday Lance's mom coaxes Lance to school with his favorite sandwiches and a 'wish-kiss'. On his way to school Lance is tormented by "the biggest, meanest 4th grader ever to stalk the halls of Alfonso Orr Elementary School. Merry Maddox. Bully Extraordinaire…”A legend" and her posse of mayhem, the Crazy M&Ms. If having to hand over his sandwiches and perform a certain humiliating act wasn't enough, Lance gets blamed by Merry Maddox for letting out a fart so horrible it forces the entire school to evacuate. Lance runs away from school and wishes that farts had colors. "Then everyone would have known it was Merry Maddox who sent out those heat seeking missiles of doom and destruction," thinks Lance. And just like that, Lance's wish comes true. 

Will Lance come up with a plan to expose Merry Maddox and reveal her true colors?

The Goodwill Vultures Club

 “A heart-warming story of a boy who learns that while some see his disabled pet vulture as ugly, others can see her as inspiration and joy. The story of "Buzz" and Rob is a lesson in acceptance of disabilities as normal, not different." – Mark Lawton Thomas, author of My Lemonade Stand Can’t Stand Me and Amazon Best Seller, When Farts Had Colors 

There is no shortage of heroic stories laden with love and loyalty between humans and their four legged friends. But there are very few about vultures - at least not the kind with wings. In The Goodwill Vultures Club, Roberta, AKA, Rob, is just such a furry friend. – Ann Eisenstein, author of Hiding Carly (2012) 

Peggy Noodle

Meet Peggy Noodle, the twelve-year-old new kid on the block who’s interesting and fun—and teaching the kids in her neighborhood that not only is there more to her than meets the eye, but that everybody can find a way to be great.

A Piece of Paper

Full Color, Illustrated, Photographs with Michael Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Larry "Gator: Rivers, Meadowlark Lemon and more...

Tyrone “Hollywood” Brown played for the Harlem Globetrotters from 1985 - 1996. When he was nine, he wrote down a goal on a piece of paper. “I want to be a Harlem Globetrotter”. He didn’t realize it at the time, but it took more than just hard work to reach his goal. It took a positive attitude, perseverance and determination to become a Harlem Globetrotter. For 16 years, he worked hard to improve his game, keep a good attitude and not give up. This is the story of his journey to achieve his goal and see his dreams come true. 

“an entertaining and educational book for children of all ages.” ~ Larry Gator Rivers, former Harlem Globetrotter

“this book will teach, inspire and motivate children to set goals and a plan for success.” ~Meadowlark Lemon, former Harlem Globetrotter

My Lemonade Stand

Amazon Best Selling author of "When Farts Had Colors" and rhyme schemer, Mark Lawton Thomas, has teamed up with master illusionist/illustrator, Jeehyun Hoke to present 50 fun and witty poems for readers ages 8-12.

Atlanta Parent Magazine praises the author as "Mark Thomas is just what youngsters need these days: a teacher who gets them excited about wordplay and the power of language so that they will form a lifelong love of reading and writing. His witty and utterly delightful poems in “My Lemonade Stand Can’t Stand Me” are sure to light the fire under any budding poet.”

---- Julie Bookman, editor, Atlanta Parent Magazine

The Savannah Morning News describes it as "kid-friendly poetry with some real gems."