Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Dream and a Dime in 2010

Peak City Publishing, LLC was established, quite literally, on a dream and a dime in January, 2010. The dream was to establish a publishing company to serve the community of writers in Apex, NC. Our approach was to establish the company in partnership with our independent bookstore, All Booked Up, located at 104B N. Salem Street in downtown Apex. Today, our company is a true full-service, small-trade publishing company with one book under our belt and five more on the way.

Looking back, Janice and I see real progress in meeting our vision for this new business venture. We started the new business with the intent to help our small-town book store customers see the reality of their dreams come true - to become published authors, commissioned artists, producers, and more. We ended up with a community of talented professionals with a shared vision of creating work built on integrity, teamwork, community and innovation.

Our decisions to work with each of our clients is based on a very complex formula – passion! The passion of the writer, artist, reader and editor are critical to our success. Over the course of the year, we signed six authors, covering a variety of genres, including: historical fiction, suspense, fantasy, inspirational, movie production tie-in, and a short stories series written by young adults for young adults.

Our growing community of professionals include:
  • Derrick Eason, Highly Favored Peak City Publishing Cover Artist, Graphic Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Novelist
  • Jose Yamil, Video Producer and Sound Composer
  • Carolynn Woods, author of The Aardvark's Wife
  • Kerry Holjes, Editor Extraordinaire

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." These words will continue to drive the direction and decisions we make as we pursue the new year. Peak City Publishing will focus on building the long term marketing and promotion of these projects in addition to introducing a new series: Vintage Voices, novels written by today's baby boomers. We will also continue to promote and advocate for young writers by publishing their short stories in our “The First Line” series. Our outlook for 2011 is very good. We are looking forward to working with new authors, artists and professionals as part of the Peak City Publishing community. 

For more information about upcoming titles, release dates or to submit a book proposal, go to: http://peakcitypublishing.com. For more information about All Booked Up, go to: http://allbookedupsalemstreet.com