Friday, December 24, 2010

Skype and Aton Impulse Viking are the Hottest Searches Today

Does anyone know why Skype and Aton Impulse Viking are the hottest searches on Google today?  Its Christmas Eve, 2010!  Running just behind the Aton Impulse Viking are searches related to tracking Santa Claus. 

The purpose of the blog today is to capitalize on what readers are searching for on Google to generate traffic to YOUR blog site.  While this experiment will not likely transfer into followers, it is a technique used by many to drive traffic to a given site.  Go to:

Tomorrow, look up the "Hot Topics" and "Hot Terms"  in Google and use them  in your headline, and throughout the text of your blog.  Since you are the authors, I challenge you to use them in a real way to bring readers to your site and keep them there!  Unlike me, I am just using Skype and Aton Impulse Viking in my blog to generate hits to my site!
p.s.  Use this technique when writing articles, press releases, etc.