Thursday, January 6, 2011

Have You 'Googled' Yourself Lately?

Sounds a little dirty, but it’s really an inexpensive and powerful way to see what others are reading about you, if they’re reading anything at all.  How often have you met someone and later looked them up on Google?

As an author, it is important that your name is associated with the image and reputation you want them to remember.  Your readers, editors, and reviewers will make decisions on what they see and read online, which will in turn, translate into: 

  • Is this person legit? 
  • What is this person into?
  • Where is this person listed?  
  • Should I buy/read/censor (grin) his/her book?

When I first ‘Googled’ Bob Crowley, author of the upcoming Peak City Publishing release of “The Wanderer of New Hope,” I came across the winner of the 2008 Survivor- Gabon show, who goes by the same name.  Then, another:  a theatre director, scenic and costume designer in Ireland, and even more interesting, Robert Trumbull Crowley,  the former Assistant Deputy Director of Clandestine Operations of the CIA who is the subject of another book, about the conspiracy to “force” John F Kennedy from the Presidency.  

So, What about Bob?

Well, searching by RT Crowley, we find our Bob!  He is, at a glance,: 

  • a pioneer in the development and practice of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ... (Wiki Link)

  • Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area - Senior Vice President at Research Triangle Software, Inc.  (Linked In Link)

  • Jan 5, 2011 ... In the novel, The Wanderer of New Hope, author and local historian, R.T. Crowley , takes the reader through the history of the valley of New ... (NC Writers Network Link)


So, then what matters?

What matters is that our Bob came up in the top 3 links!! 

I will cover how we did that in a later post.  For now, go Google yourself!  Do you like what you see?