Tuesday, January 24, 2012


What will Peak City Publishing do for me as an author? Peak City Publishing, Independent Book publisher in Raleigh, North Carolina
In response to the new author submission form posted on the website, I received an email inquiry about the relationship between the author and the publisher.  I decided that since the question and the answers seem relevant to all of our authors, I would post my reply and share with all of you.

QUESTION:  I was reading through your submission form and have a few questions. I was wondering about the questions that seem to be asking the author how they will market their book. Do you provide marketing services or must they author do their own promotion work? Is the point in asking these questions to help Peak City decide on how marketable the book is? Your form is just a little different from other submission forms I've looked at and I need to understand a bit better the relationship you have between the author and yourself. What do you gain from publishing an author's book and what does the author gain?

You ask fair questions.  I have close working relationships with all my clients.  The process is very hands-on:  reviewing changes, editing, art work, etc.  As is the case with most full trade publishers, Peak will create, publish and market the paperback and e-book versions of the book.  As the publisher, I will work with the author to set up and host the book launch, market and promote the book, issue press releases and look for opportunities to showcase the book in different places.  This year, I will be attending and/or setting up 4 book events to publicize the company, the authors and the artists we work with. 
Recognizing that it takes more than a publisher, I ask potential clients to tell me what he or she is willing to do to market the book also.  Experience has taught me that without the author spending time building relationships with their readers, marketing the book and taking steps to get the book in as many places as possible, that the sales will stagnate.  In the end, it is about business and we are looking for a return on each investment we are making in a new author.  A significant amount of time, money and effort goes into publishing a book and it would be remiss of me to take on a project that the author is not able to support equally.
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