Monday, February 4, 2013

Go Indy - Go Peak CIty Publishing

Peak City Publishing has established a track-record of producing best selling books on Amazon.  We want to help you achieve that same success.  It is our goal to produce as many best selling adult fiction titles as children's titles and want your book to be a part of that growth. 

Get your book published, independent book publisher, Peak City Publishing strives to publish books that engage, entertain and educate.
If you write mystery, thrillers, suspense or romance, Peak City Publishing wants to read your manuscript. If selected for our catalog, you will recive the same benefits of being published by a traditional house, while retaining 80% of the royalty. 

We offer:
  • editing, illustration, design and production
  • cooperative marketing by a publishing house
  • distribution options including libraries, bookstores and schools
  • a series of events to promote your book, and
  • a community of fellow authors and professionals to help you succeed.
Go to!get-published/cfzg and complete a query form.

To maintain our excellent reputation in publishing engaging, entertaining and educational material, we will apply strict criteria to the vetting process.