Friday, February 8, 2013

Sell More Books

get help selling your books from Peak City Publishing, independent book publisher in Raleigh NC

Give speeches!  
·         Trawl the web, Meet Up groups, Local Organizations and offer to speak at their next event.  You don’t need to speak about your book – speak about a cause, a topic of interest to the group. 
o   Promote your book as a side-item by giving away business cards with your web address, email and contact information.
Give Books Away!
·         Offer a free book on your Facebook, Twitter or Blog for sharing, writing a review or sending new “friends” your way.
Raise Funds!
·         Are you part of an organization that will use your book as a fund-raiser?  Offer up to 40% of the proceeds to the organization for sales directly attributed to the group. 
Target Book Clubs!
·         Reach out to Book Clubs in your area – we can offer a discount to those purchasing directly through  Peak City Publishing (5 for$ 45)
Think Boutique!
·         Think of places to do an event where one would not normally do an event.  We can work together to come up with consignment terms
Cross Promote!
·         Do you know someone who has also written a book?  Offer to promote his or hers in exchange for yours.